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Asbestos can be found in hundreds of common building products, many of which were used up to the late 90's, a few examples of which are shown below.  

Many of these items present little or no risk during normal use if well protected, however, a significant risk may be imposed if these materials are "worked" on, e.g.. cut , drilled, sanded, cleaned etc.  

Whenever it is required to work on these materials, the operator should be properly  protected with the appropriate clothing and respiratory equipment.  Also any debris from such work should be carefully removed, double bagged and disposed of at an authorised disposal site.  

Depending on the extent and type of material, you may require a licence, or use a 
licensed contractor to remove it.

Your local HSE office will be able to advise on the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment), methods of safe working, the regulations regarding removal and licensing if appropriate and the nearest disposal site.

In Norfolk there are two disposal sites available (as at 1st February 2008) their contact phone numbers are -

01493 653600   Gt. Yarmouth Transfer Site 
01482 766116   Thetford Transfer Site

Each company will have their own conditions and cost structure, so give them a call for further information.

WARNING - do not dispose of asbestos waste in your normal rubbish containers, as this can result in fibre release, posing a serious health risk to someone else.

Just a few examples of common asbestos locations 

Artex ceiling coating
Lagged pipework
Vinyl floor tiles
Roofing felt debris
Asbestos cloth fuse flash guards
Asbestos cement roofing sheets
Asbestos cement guttering
Asbestos cement down pipe remains
Old asbestos reinforced plastic toilet cistern
Storage radiator thermal insulation

Asbestos jointing strings


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